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The Bible Project

The creators of The Bible Project have in-depth conversations about biblical theology. A companion podcast to The Bible Project videos found at

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    The True Human - Son of Man E6

    Welcome to the 6th episode of our podcast series covering the Son of Man theme in the Bible.

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    The Beastly King - Son of Man E5

    In this week's episode, Tim and Jon continue exploring the book of Daniel and discuss King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and his animal-like tendencies.

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    The Snake in the Throne Room - Son of Man E3

    Welcome to episode 3 of our series on the Son of Man! In this episode, Tim and Jon dive deep into the history, the story, and the ideas surrounding one of the most famous figures in the Bible: the Serpent.

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    Humans & Animals - Son of Man E2

    Welcome to episode two of our series discussing the biblical theme of the Son of Man. In this episode, Tim and Jon discuss humanity's role in relation to other parts of creation, specifically animals.

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    Who Did Paul Think Jesus Was? - God E18

    This episode continues our series on God as a character in the Bible. Today Tim and Jon dive into the writings of Paul in the New Testament.

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    Who Did Jesus Think He Was? - God E16

    Tim & Jon dive deeper into the portrayal of Jesus as a character in the New Testament. They ask the big question: Just who did Jesus think he was?

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    Is Jesus God? - God E15

    Today Tim and Jon dive deep into the story of Jesus of Nazareth.

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    God’s Word, Spirit, & Wisdom - God E11

    Tim and Jon have part two of their conversation on God’s attributes used as a character. They discuss God’s Spirit, God’s wisdom, and God’s word.

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    God's Name is a Character - God E10

    Tim and Jon zoom in on a confusing part of the Bible: God’s attributes. Specifically, God’s name, glory, word, spirit and wisdom. Today Tim and Jon will be covering the first two. God’s name and his glory or "kavod."

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    The Angel of the Lord - God E9

    This episode continues our series on the development of God as a character in the Bible! Today Tim and Jon sit down and discuss angels, specifically the "Angel of the Lord.”

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    Experiencing God Through Humans - God E6

    This episode continues our series on the development of the character of God in the Bible. Today, Jon and Tim tackle how God would portray himself in and through humans.

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    Origin of Spiritual Beings & Mini Q+R - God E4

    This is a unique episode of our podcast. Tim and Jon originally sat down to have a Q+R on the first three episodes in our “God” series. Tim shared that before he responded to questions, he wanted to give some updates about new things he’s been learning pertaining to the conversation on God.

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    Spiritual Warfare - God E3

    In this show, Tim & Jon walk through the big ideas of the “Divine Council” & spiritual warfare.

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    No Other God - God E2

    This is episode 2 in our series discussing the character and theme development of “God” in the Bible.

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    Poetry Q+R

    Here is our Question and Response episode where we answer our listeners' questions about poetry and metaphor usage in the Bible.

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    Metaphor E3: Chaotic Waters

    In the last episode of our Metaphor series, Jon and Tim discuss how water is often displayed as rambunctious and dangerous in the Bible.

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    Exile Q+R

    This is our Exile Q+R!

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    The Ethic of an Exile

    This is our fifth episode in our series on Exile. In this episode, Tim and Jon discuss the theme of Exile in the story of Jesus and the New Testament.

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    Exile From The Cosmic Mountain

    In this show Tim and Jon breakdown famous Old Testament stories and how the exile theme is often an overlooked aspect of many Bible stories.

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    Nephesh/Soul Q+R

    A question and response episode on the topic of the Hebrew word "Nephesh".

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    Characters In The Bible

    In this episode Tim and Jon discuss character design in the Bible.

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    Justice Q + R

    Jon and Tim respond to questions on the theme of Justice.

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    What Happens After We Die?

    This is our third episode on the Hebrew word “Nephesh”. Tim and Jon discuss the Hebrew concepts of an afterlife.

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    Let's Get Physical

    According to the Bible, we don’t have souls, we are souls.

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    You Are A Soul

    How did we get the word “soul” from “throat”? Tim and Jon discuss.

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    Jonah Q + R

    A Question and Response episode on the book of Jonah.

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    The Christian Ideal Part 2: Our Divine Nature

    This is part two of our discussion on the Christian Ideal. Tim, Jon and their colleague Paul Pastor continue their discussion on redefining and reimagining holiness.

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    Day of the Lord: Q + R

    Tim and Jon respond to questions from our listeners on the theme of the Day of the Lord.

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    Day Of The Lord Part Six: Revelation and Jesus in Modern Politics

    This is our final episode in our Day Of The Lord series. In this episode Tim and Jon discuss the book of Revelation. It's perhaps the most famous and obvious thing people think about when talking about a future “Day Of The Lord.”

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    Deuteronomy Q + R

    This week is our second to last release in our Old Testament Q+R series. We talk Deuteronomy.

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    Numbers Q + R

    A Q+R on the book of Numbers in the Old Testament.

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    Leviticus Q+R

    Tim and Jon respond to questions about the book of Leviticus

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    Exodus 19-40: Q + R

    A Q+R on the second half of the book of Exodus in the Old Testament.

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    Exodus 1-18: Q + R

    A Q+R on the first half of the book of Exodus.

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    Genesis 12-50: Q + R

    Responses to listener's questions from Genesis 12-50.

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    Genesis 1-11: Q + R

    Responses to listeners questions from Genesis 1-11.

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    What's in your Bible?

    Why are the books of the Bible ordered the way they are? Is there a value in reading the Bible in any other order?

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    The Bible as Divine Literary Art

    Learn to see the Bible as an extremely sophisticated piece of literary art that has a theological message.

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    Story: Friend of Sinners

    Harvey Turner, a youth group flunkie, grew up on the streets of Reno in the 90's. His passion for hip-hop leads him deep into drug culture but his search for meaning brings him face-to-face with Jesus.

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    Luke Part Four: Jesus, Rebels, and Resurrection

    We discuss Luke 9-24. What did Jesus do and talk about when he was alive? Why did his message get him in trouble? Was Jesus a rebel? How does Luke want us to see Jesus?

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    Luke Part Three: Good News for the Poor

    Luke Chapters 1-6 ooze with references and allusions to the Old Testament to show how Jesus is the fulfillment of the story of Israel.

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    Luke Part Two: An Overview of Luke

    Tim and I are working on a series of videos that will tell the story of Jesus as recorded by Luke in his gospel. In this episode we do a quick overview of the entire book, working through each of the sections, observing how they all fit together.

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    Luke Part One: An Intro to Reading the Gospels

    This episode is our preparation for making a video series that walks through the entire life of Jesus as told by Luke in his Gospel. This first episode is an introduction to what the Gospels are, and what it means to trust them as an accurate representation of what happened in human history. The Gospels are the version of what happened according to his disciples, and not only what happened, but why it all matters.

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    The Wisdom of Job Part 3: Job Vs. Elihu

    This is our third and final conversation about the book of Job. First we talk about Elihu, a character that seems to pop up our of nowhere. Then we talk about chapter 28 in Job, how it stands apart from the rest of the speeches and gives us a clue as to what the point of the whole book is. Then we talk about the final showdown. God responds to Job’s accusations of being unjust and unfair.

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    The Wisdom of Job Part 2: Where on Earth is "Uz"?

    This is part two of our three part conversation on Job. The question in Job is if God is just does that mean that the universe ought to always be run by the principle of strict just compensation. In this way the book of Job is a perfect thought experiment to explore this question. Job has done nothing to deserve the suffering that is inflicted on him. God acknowledges there was no reason. But even though Job doesn’t deserve it, he is still human and he reacts to the suffering in a myriad of ways. Sometimes trusting and praising God, sometimes accusing God of being cruel and untrustworthy.

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    The Wisdom of Job Part 1: Suffering Well

    Why do good people suffer? Why is there evil in the world? Why can’t God make it so that everyone always gets what they deserve? Many people turn to Job to learn about how to deal with suffering as it is a very realistic portrayal of someone dealing with circumstances that are unfair. But is that all the book of Job is about?

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    Story: God and Money

    In this episode of The Bible Project Podcast, Jon and Tim explore a story about two Harvard Business School Graduates who are confronted with a biblical view of money that changes their lives.

    John Cortinez and Gregory Baumer were young, successful Christians making more money than most of us dream of. They were faithful Christians tithing to their church regularly, but when they take an elective class at Harvard Divinity school about God and Money their paradigm about money turns upside down.

    Does the Bible say we have to tithe? How does the Bible ask us to view money? What does it look like when God’s view of money confronts two young Christian businessmen?

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    Wisdom of Ecclesiastes Part 2: The "Teacher" vs. Jesus

    Hanging out with Ecclesiastes isn’t fun. The book goes on about the endless march of time that results in death for everyone. Everything dies––humans and animals. We can see that all living creatures go to the dirt, and we don’t have any concrete proof of what happens after that. Depressing, right? Yes––it can be. The teacher is trying to shake things up and dismantle the illusions of the reader, but it can be rough to read. The guys will talk about the context of Ecclesiastes, and why we as Jesus followers can see things differently. I n the first part of the episode (02:37-11:14), the guys talk about the “endless march of time.” Ecclesiastes has a whole poem about aging. We are all moving towards old age, and on top of that, life is unpredictable. We can’t guarantee that when we do the right thing it will work out. Where is the hope?

    In the next part of the episode (11:45-21:37), Tim and Jon discuss the teacher’s warning about being overly righteous. According to the author of Ecclesiastes, it is good to be righteous and strive to live an upright and moral life, but when that becomes our sole focus we can become entitled.

    In the next part of the episode (22:15-35:38), the guys try to make sense of all of the despair in this book. What are we supposed to do with this? We need to come to terms with our inability to control the circumstances of our lives. Acknowledging this is the secret to enjoying our lives. In the final part of the episode (36:04-1:07:10), the guys talk about how to live beyond all of the hevel of life. The teacher is talking about "life under the sun,” or our metaphor, “life in the fog.” Life still has meaning long into the future even though it can be hard to see in the present. Justice will come, life won’t always be shrouded in hevel, and one day the fog will be lifted.

    Video: This episode is designed to accompany our video on the book of Ecclesiastes. You can view it on our youtube channel here:

    Scripture References: Ecclesiastes

    Show Music: Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music Blue Skies by Unwritten Stories Flooded Meadows by Unwritten Stories

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    Wisdom of Ecclesiastes Part 1: Not Another Proverb...

    The book of Ecclesiastes is a unique book in the Bible that has delighted and confused Christians throughout the years. It is our second book in the Wisdom Series. One thing that makes it unique is where scripture relies on ancient wisdom as core to understanding God’s world, Ecclesiastes’ Wisdom is based off of experimentation. The core conclusion of Ecclesiastes is that life is Hevel. “Hevel, Hevel, everything is Hevel.” And while modern translations typically translate that Hebrew word as “Meaningless”. And it is all over the book. In Hebrew, it is the word for smoke or vapor.

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    Wisdom Series: Proverbs

    This book is for understanding Proverbs and Parables and Riddles for the wise. This book claims that there is a powerful, mysterious force in the universe called Hochma, we translate into “Wisdom". Wisdom is built into the universe principle in which the whole universe is ordered and which it coheres. The book starts with nine chapters of speeches encouraging us to seek after Hochma.

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    Intro to Wisdom Literature

    Tim and Jon discuss the Wisdom Literature in the Bible: the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job.

    All of these books are wrestling with a particular set of questions. We’ll talk about how we got these wisdom books in our holy scriptures We’ll discuss why there are three different books with three very different perspectives on why their is suffering in the world and the perspective we should have on how to live.

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    Image of God Part 4: Glory of God

    What does it mean to glorify God? Is it simply singing songs? Does it somehow how to do with our behavior. Why is God so interested in his glory? How does this connect to the Image of God?

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    Image of God Part 2: God and Human's Makeover

    Being remade into the Image of God is a different Christian narrative then we usually hear. Jesus is the truly human one who represents God's reign on earth and we are joined with him through the Holy Spirit to participate in that reign.

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    Holiness: Q + R

    A Question + Response episode on the Biblical theme of holiness.

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    Heaven + Earth: Q + R

    Jon and Tim respond to questions about the theme of Heaven + Earth in the Bible.

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    The Kingdom of God Part 2: Co-Ruling with Jesus

    God's Kingdom is introduced to us in Genesis 1 but then something goes wrong. We discuss how the Bible describes the conflict of the Kingdom of the world and the Kingdom of God and God's plan to fix it.

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    Understanding The Law Part 2: The Prophets

    Tim and Jon discuss the metaphors used by Moses and The Prophets for why humans are incapable of obeying the law and how God plans to fix it. We discuss Jesus' teaching on the law, the Great Command, and how his followers dealt with the law.

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    Understanding the Law Part 1: The LAW

    Tim and Jon discuss why God gave so many laws to ancient Israel in the Bible. There are 613 laws found in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, and they were the basis of God's covenant with Israel. What role does the laws play in relationship to the overall narrative of the Old Testament?

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